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WTF is going on with Wiser Wealthier a thinly veiled request for help

WTF has been going on with Wiser Wealthier (and a thinly veiled request for help)

Oh hey you, thanks for heading on over. I love what you’ve done with your hair today by the way (stole that from a Danny Wallace book)


You’ve probably noticed a lot of changes recently, plus there was that whole MoneySavingExpert thing where I did a truly parliamentarian U-Turn.


So, other than a few months off due to my depression, what the eff has been going on?


Well dear friend, let me fill you in…


Where it all began


When I started Wiser Wealthier on Twitter I was posting short, snappy videos every day all about easy ways to save yourself a few quid. I branched out into Insta, Snap and Facebook and considered using videos only and not writing blogs at all!


Note: for some of you it probably still feels like that but look, I’m writing something right now, with my actual keyboard on an actual computer!


Then something interesting happened.


Some of my videos started to get a bit of attention and you wonderful lot started asking me questions.


Lets’ face it.


We live in a world where sometimes we miss out on great content because we weren’t in the right place at the right time.


Because of the wealth of information out there and the frequency at which it is produced it can make more sense to visit a regular blog without all the noise than scroll through a feed or a hashtag and hope you will find what you need.


So that’s why I started writing. My first blog was called ‘why you don’t need to read my blog‘ because I’m all funny and quirky and shit.


Since then I’ve worked with some of the UK’s top brands and Money bloggers and turned my little bit of Twitter fun into something much bigger.


It’s still a side project but I’m really putting loads into it and I hope that shows. I’ve even bought myself a proper camera (FINALLY!) so get ready for some sexy blurred backgrounds!


So thank you, from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me and I promise things have settled down a bit now.


Yeah but what about MoneySavingExpert?


So if you didn’t notice that whole thing, watch this video



Then this one which I posted shortly after – embarrassing right!



Basically I got offered an amazing social media job there and to keep a VERY long story short my current employer (absolute legends!) offered me a deal that has allowed me to keep going with WW whilst still doing my day job (which I love BTW).


Anyways that’s (almost) all for now except 1 more thing…


Could you do me a favour?


It would be super mega helpful if I knew what you liked most about what I do.


Could you do me a massive solid and leave a comment telling me in just one short sentence what your favourite thing about Wiser Wealthier is, what you’d like more of and what you think I could improve.


Thank you so much!



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  1. In the early stages I found myself doing a lot of what you were recommending. In particular cancelled direct debits for things I didn’t need and saved a couple of hundred pounds a year because of it.

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