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Work With Me

I’m always looking for great brands to work with.


First up, here’s a little bit more about the blog:


When I started Wiser Wealthier on Twitter I was posting short, snappy videos every day all about easy ways to save yourself a few quid. I branched out into Insta, Snap and Facebook and considered using videos only and not writing blogs at all.


Then something interesting happened.


Some of my videos started to get a bit of attention and people started asking me questions.


Lets’ face it. We live in a world where sometimes we miss out on great content because we weren’t in the right place at the right time.


Because of the wealth of information out there and the frequency at which it is produced it can make more sense to visit a regular blog without all the noise than scroll through a feed or a hashtag and hope you will find what you need.


So that’s why I started writing.


Since then I’ve worked with some of the UK’s top brands and Money bloggers and turned my little bit of Twitter fun into something much bigger.


And the best part… I’m only just getting started!


I’m open to most opportunities and would love to discuss how I can help you to reach my audience.


You can find my dynamic media pack with detailed insight into my audience here: or just ping me an email to