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The Not So Shocking Truth About Millionaire Martin Lewis

The (Not So) Shocking Truth About Millionaire Martin Lewis

I’ve noticed that whenever he gets some media attention or launches a new show there are a few people claiming to tell the ‘truth’ about Money-Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis.


Well, I want to give you a couple of facts and a couple of opinions that might help you see it slightly differently…


Firstly, this is not new information and it’s very much in the public domain. Martin has never hidden the fact that he sold Money Saving Expert to Money Supermarket. It was sold in 2012 and in total it’s made him over 80 million pounds. It’s been in all the papers, it’s in the news, it’s not new and it’s not a hidden thing.


Secondly, he donated a massive chunk of money to charity – did you know that?


Thirdly, and here’s where it turns into a mix between fact and opinion. Let’s have a look at what Martin Lewis has created. We have somewhere we can go to find the best deals, ways to save money, and ways to earn more money. There are guides and tools like the Cheap Energy Club that automatically tell us when our bills are coming up for renewal to help us get the best deal. What does all that cost us?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing!


Millions of people collectively save millions of pounds using MSE’s tools and articles and I don’t know about you, but if I built something that was able to help millions of people save money, I’d expect to make a bit of money out of it myself too!


So, I for one am glad that Martin Lewis is a millionaire. He’s built a successful business based on helping millions of people just like you and me.


I certainly save a fortune using the tips on the website, so I’m really pleased that he’s worth an absolute fortune! Anyone that creates something that helps that many people, deserves to be a millionaire as well.

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2 thoughts on “The (Not So) Shocking Truth About Millionaire Martin Lewis

  1. It’s interesting how the fact that he’s a millionaire obviously irks a lot of people! There are very few big public figures who talk about personal finance, and it can only be a good thing that this stuff is covered in the media more, and that people like him are given a platform.

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