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Unboxing and tasting Teapigs Popcorn tea

Unboxing and Tasting Teapigs Popcorn Tea

Unboxing and Tasting Teapigs Popcorn Tea


I’m in the kitchen, and I know I said I was going to do a Teapigs Popcorn Tea unboxing LIVE, but unfortunately, I’m not going to have the time so I thought I just make a quick video.


So, the reason that I’ve got free tea is I was talking on Twitter to Teapigs, on international tea day. That’s too many T’s in one sentence! Teapigs sent me a box of tea which came through last week, but I’ve only just had a chance to open it. Obviously, I’ve got the important tools here; the kettle and the Wiser Wealthier mug. Yeah, I know you’re jealous, right?


So, they’ve sent me a free pack of their popcorn tea. I don’t know if you guys know much about Teapigs, but if you don’t, I’m no expert either, I just love certain types of tea, especially green tea.


I’m just digging into the box and it looks like it has real popcorn inside it which is great! I do love posh tea bags like this.


Now, I should point out these are not cheap, but they’re great and I love them. I tend to go for cheaper alternatives because I can’t really afford to buy this quality all the time, so, it’s a real treat when I get them. I often put them on my birthday or Christmas list because I do love them.


I’m going to pop the tea bag in the Wiser Wealthier mug while I wait for the kettle to boil. I like to tie a little knot around the mug handle (because I’m such a pro), to make sure that the bag doesn’t fall in.


While I wait for the kettle to boil, I’m going to read the back of the package and tell you what’s special about this tea…


So, this tea has flourished from humble beginnings, Japanese peasants mixed green tea with toasted rice to make it go further, and it is now celebrated in its own right. They call it Sugar Puffs in a cup, and they say their tea is worthy of worship.


Right, the kettle has boiled, let’s give this tea a taste! It smells amazing and actually does smell like cooked popcorn – I’m a big fan of that smell.


So, while we wait for it to cool down, I’ve just realized that I haven’t told you the story of why Teapigs sent me popcorn tea.


Let me go back a few weeks…


As I mentioned earlier, I was having a Twitter conversation with them on international tea-day. It also included the company called Whistles Sell My Car, who asked if I had ever tried popcorn tea. It just so happened that I was eating a bag of popcorn at the time, and, I had a mug of green tea. I was threatening to put the popcorn into the tea to see if it would taste the same. Obviously, being tea worshippers (as they describe themselves), Teapigs wouldn’t stand for that. They wanted me to try the real stuff, and that’s why they sent me the popcorn tea.


Anyway, this is nearly ready to drink. Give me a couple minutes and I will give it a taste…


It’s good, I like it. It does taste like drinking popcorn – that is probably the best way to describe it, and I think that’s the entire point!


I hope you weren’t expecting some kind of tea connoisseur, because I’m afraid you’re not getting that for me. But anyway, massive thank you to Teapigs for sending me some tea. Check those guys out, they are really cool on Twitter, but and they are also all over your other favourite social media platforms.


Go and have a chat with them and let them know if you love their tea. If you’ve never tried Teapigs tea before give it a go because it is really nice. I normally get green tea but they do a million-and-one flavours like chocolate tea. You really should give them a try!


So, thanks again Teapigs and I’m going to go and enjoy the rest of my mug.


See ya!


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