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Dog boarding side hustle from pennies to pounds blog

The Side Hustle Surgeon EP5: Dog Boarding with From Pennies to Pounds

On Episode 5 of the Side Hustle Surgeon Francesca from the blog From Pennies to Pounds talks about an unconventional side hustle – dog boarding.


Currently on her journey to debt freedom, Francesca does tonnes of things to earn extra money and because there’s pretty much no costs to get started, dog boarding is one of her favourites.



Dog Boarding as a Side Hustle


According to Francesca, dog boarding doesn’t take long to set up and there are no costs! Sounds ideal doesn’t it!


She does everything through Tailster (ad) because all you have to do is apply and fill out the information they ask for. Once they approve you, you can start quoting for jobs. It takes hardly any time at all.


The dog owners don’t have to pay to sign up either, they just pay for your services and the website makes money by taking 15% of the fees you charge.


On the fees, Francesca says:


“It is quite a lot but it’s worth it to me because they pay for the insurance, emergency vet appointments and things and they collect all your clients for you.”


What does dog boarding cost? Does it take much time?


When it comes to running costs, quite simply, there are none! The dog owners bring you everything you need. They bring the dog food, beds, bowls everything like that.


Francesca had one instance where the owners forgot the food but when she told them they agreed to pay her back at the end.


It’s really flexible time-wise so you can do it when it suits you. Over Christmas Francesca was quiet at work so she managed to fit in loads of dog boarding while everyone was going away visiting family.


Francesca’s top tips for dog boarding as a side hustle


  1. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! Francesca has heard loads of people say they would love to do it and then give a whole list of reasons why they can’t. Even if you work nine to five there are people that go away just for the weekend or for one night and need their pets looked after.
  2. Price low to get reviews. Some people might not agree with this but Francesca decided to quote low, get her first client and a great review and then carry on from there. She didn’t want to be stuck in limbo with no clients and no reviews so was happy going quite low at the start and then increasing her fees from there on out.
  3. Think about similar pet related hustles. Once you’re trusted with looking after pets there’s more than just dog boarding. How about dog walking or cat sitting?


Thinking about giving Dog Boarding a try? Check out Tailster (ad)

Got a great low or no-cost side hustle? Let the world know in the comments!

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