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Are you saving money or just wasting less?

Are you saving money or just wasting less?

It’s really easy to feel like you’re saving money when in fact you’re just wasting less.

In this blog, I’m going to give you three examples of things you might be doing that, whilst well-intentioned, aren’t actually saving you money even though it might feel like they are.


These are:


  1. Buying things just because they are on sale
  2. Buying in bulk ‘just in case’
  3. Using vouchers and coupons for the sake of it


Why does this matter? Because next time you go to do one of these things I’m hoping you’ll think twice. Plus once you get in to the habit of second-guessing your financial choices I guarantee you’ll keep doing it.


Let’s get in to this:


  1. Buying things just because they are on sale


The ONLY time you should be buying something that’s on sale is if you need it or want it already.


Let me illustrate this really simply for you:


If you need something that’s normally £20 and you get it for £10 you’ve saved £10.

If you buy something that you don’t need for £10 that’s usually £20 you haven’t saved £10 you’ve spent £10.


Saving money on sales or wasting less?
You only save money on sales if you actually need/want the thing you’re buying


2. Buying things in bulk ‘just in case’


It’s very tempting to stock up on things that you might need some time in the future. Notice I said ‘MIGHT need’ not ‘WILL need’ – that’s the difference.


If you KNOW you’re going to use something in the future (I do this for things like medicine, cat food, razor blades and protein powder) then fill your boots whenever they’re on sale. If you MIGHT use it, don’t bother.


Buying in bulk now may waste money in the future
Are you REALLY going to use it? If not, don’t buy it in bulk!


3. Using vouchers and coupons for the sake of it


Don’t get me wrong, I love a deal as much as anyone BUT (and I hate to break it to you) companies don’t give out vouchers and coupons just because they feel like being nice! In fact companies don’t give free stuff away for nothing. EVER!


Trust me, I’ve watched enough videos by extreme UK couponers like Jordon CoxEmma Mumford and Holly Vlogs to know that  you can game the system if you’re clever about it AND get loads and loads of freebies but bear with me on this one.


If you use coupons to get deals on things you already need or as a way to get cheap (or free) stuff that you can sell on you’re winning.


If you use coupons to pile up your ‘haul’ for Instagram photos or get suckered into buying more stuff when you’re collecting your free knick knacks you’re losing.


Ways you're winning or losing with coupons
The difference between winning and losing when it comes to coupons


Get to know the Money Mantras


One of the things that really hit home for me a while back was the Money Saving Expert money mantras so it felt right to give them a quick shoutout here. If you haven’t seen them before here they are:


Money Saving Expert Money Mantras
Questions to ask yourself if you’re skint v.s. if you’re not skint.


They even have a FREE printable version that you can take shopping with you! Download that here.


Next time you’re thinking about taking a deal or using a voucher, make sure you’re doing it to save money, not just to waste less.


Got any more examples? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Are you saving money or just wasting less?

  1. Good post! I feel the same way about cashback websites like TopCashback and Quidco. They’re brilliant if you earn money on stuff you would have bought anyway, but not a saving at all if it encourages you to spend money you can’t afford, or get a less good deal just for a chunk of cashback.

    1. Thank you Faith! Yup. It’s important to remember the real reason these things exist and use them to our advantage – it’s all marketing at the end of the day. That reminds me, I need to get myself on one (or both) of those!

      1. If you haven’t signed up for either Quidco or TopCashback yet, hold out for a decent joining bonus. You should be able to get £10 or £15 as a new member. I can check for current affiliate links if you like?

  2. Really helpful article, a very good reminder. I think 3 for 2 offers are often a waste of money. You think you are getting a good deal, but spend twice as much money as you had planned and then quite often the things go to waste. I will definitely try to remember your tips! 🙂

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