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Give you eBay a kick up the bum

Resellermum’s 4 Ways to Kick your eBay up the Bum!

You know those times when your eBay just isn’t quite working for you? Whenever that happens to me I speak to resellermum on Instagram, she’s given me loads of great tips before and I’m going to share some of those with you.


So without further ado here’s four ways to give your eBay a kick up the bum:



Resellermum’s top 4 eBay reselling tips:


#1 list!


Make sure you’re regularly posting items on your eBay page. It shows eBay that you’re on it and that you’re serious about selling. Your eBay is your shop, make sure it’s stocked.


#2 Make sure that you’re pricing correctly


Pricing correctly means pricing to sell not to stock. You don’t want to be holding things for ages so you need to make sure that your stock is moving. Think about what you paid for the item and a profit you’d be happy with.


Also look at completed listings that have sold in the past for the same thing and see what they’ve sold for. Your item will probably sell for a similar amount so there’s no point going massively higher because then you’re just going to be sitting on items.


#3 Get your titles right


Use words that people actually use when they’re searching on eBay. They’re not going to be putting things like lovely, beautiful, gorgeous etc. they’re going to be searching ‘size 10 ladies dress floral print red’.


Also put the most important things that people are likely to search for earlier on in the title. As an example, if you’re selling clothes the brand name generally goes first then what the item is then the size.


#4 Sell similar rather than relisting.


Using ‘sell similar’ as opposed to ‘relist’ if your item doesn’t sell makes it looks like a nice fresh listing and it’s likely to rank higher when people search for it compared to an old listing. If you continually relist your item it looks to eBay like it’s something that people don’t want.


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Got any more great eBay tips? Let the world know in the comments!

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