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hidden way to get an itunes refund

The really hidden way to get an iTunes Refund

A month or so ago I accidentally bought the text version rather than the audiobook version of a book. A simple mistake which you would think would have a simple solution right… ‘fraid not!


Just like any other online purchase if you’ve accidentally bought something on iTunes or bought something you don’t like, you’re entitled to a refund within 14 days.


Here’s how to get a refund on an iTunes purchase


First off, you need to select ‘report a problem’ right at the bottom of the invoice email.


Yep, told you it wasn’t obvious. This is what it looks like:


itunes refund invoice email


Next up you’ll have to sign in using your Apple ID information (including two-step verification if you have it enabled).


Once you’re in, you should see something like this:


itunes refund report a problem page


Select the purchase you made and hit the ‘report a problem’ button


itunes report a problem button


Finally, choose the problem from the list. If you don’t see the correct reason (which you probably won’t because they don’t give you a simple ‘I don’t want it anymore’ selection) just use ‘problem is not listed here’


itunes refund report a problem list


Once you’ve submitted you should hear back from Apple within a few days to confirm your refund.


Simple eh…

2 thoughts on “The really hidden way to get an iTunes Refund

  1. Good tip. It’s really cheeky of them to make it so difficult! They must count on a lot of people just giving up. Thanks for the explanation – I’ll remember this the next time I want a refund!

    1. It sure is! The ‘report a problem’ totally doesn’t suggest it’s the place to go for a refund does it!

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