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Making extra money on eBay is eAsy

Making extra money selling on eBay is eAsy!

If you’re following me on twitter, snapchat or Instagram you’ll know that I post about eBay a lot!


You’re probably busy so before I tell you my history with eBay let’s get in to one of my popular eBay selling videos called eBay is eAsy.



 How eAsy is it to sell on eBay?



UPDATE: in the video I say you should always use recorded delivery. Since making it I’ve tried other postage options and found that actually the high costs can actually put people off. The main thing is to make sure you either charge enough for the postage type you set or make postage free but bump up the price of the item. Always learning!

My first foray into the eBay world was at age 12


I would use my Mum’s account to sell my old Knex (throwback or what!), wrestling figures and other toys I was bored with to get money to buy new ones.


At the time it took ages to get a listing up and there were fees whether you sold or not.


Not to mention the fact that cheaper cameras sucked and I had to wait for someone to get off the phone before I could use the internet! Que annoying whizzy, fuzzy dial-up noises.


My love affair with eBay continued well in to my teens and I even tried my hand at buying and selling new stuff. On the whole, despite the time it took I made pretty good money. Then, for some reason I just stopped using it.


Maybe I had nothing to sell, maybe I just had other priorities, who knows.


Anyway, I got back in to it a few months ago and I’m so glad I did!


You can even make easy money on eBay if you have nothing to sell



If you want to make money on eBay but have nothing to sell you can:


  1. Ask friends and family for things they want to get rid of and offer to sell them for a commission
  2. Visit a bootfair and find high demand items for next to nothing then flip them (Gary Vaynerchuck is the KING of this, watch his video on how to make an extra $100 at the weekend)
  3. Drop ship. This one is a bit more business-y than the other two but it’s certainly an option. Negotiate a deal with a supplier where they ship the goods once you’ve made the sale. You won’t have to buy or stock anything but you should expect them to want a decent cut.


I haven’t run out of things to sell on eBay just yet but I take my side hustles seriously and I’m always thinking ahead.


For example, I already know that my step-dad has a lock up full of old stuff that he needs to get rid of and he’s offered me 60% of the profit from whatever I sell. Sure, that sounds like a raw deal for him but let’s face it, the stuff isn’t doing him any good at all at the moment!


Also, the people selling the house we’re about to move in to aren’t too keen on clearing the place out. I told them to go in and take what they want and leave the rest rather than putting it in a skip. Once we move in I’ll go through everything and separate it out in to piles for rubbish, charity, eBay and bootfairs.


Got a great eBay selling tip? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Making extra money selling on eBay is eAsy!

  1. Hi Carl

    I’ve been looking at getting back into ebay recently. I was put off by my first attempt a few years back when I stuck a load of old games on it and after fees from ebay+paypal I only ended up keeping 40% of the sale price.
    I was probably doing things very badly back then though.

    1. You used to pay a listing fee and then other fees on top for priority listing, bold title, extra photos etc so I can see how that may happen.

      Now it’s free to list up to 20 items per month on a basic listing so If you stick to a basic listing (which is all I do) you’ll pay 10% of the final sale price to eBay (including post & packaging) then PayPal fees are a few % plus a small set fee.

      I go on the rule that batching low value items should work better than individual and then any higher value, say £5+, are safe on their own.

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