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Wiser Wealthier MY BIG D #MyBigD

I want to talk about MY BIG D #MyBigD

ANOTHER UPDATE: I’ve stupidly agreed to do 1 burpee for every £2 raised – HELP MEEEE!!!

UPDATE: I’ve now set up a JustGiving page for MIND – please donate anything you can! If you can’t afford anything that’s totally cool – just do me a favour and share the link using #MyBigD. THANK YOU


I need to tell you about MY BIG D…


I’ve been depressed.


I just ordered some awesome In Music We Trust clothing, an amazing brand that gives 50% of it’s profits to Mind and it’s time to talk about Depression.


Allow me to explain…


So I haven’t spoken about depression on here yet but the short story is that’s basically why I had about 3 months off blogging.


I’m all good now and almost off of antidepressants but for a while I was in a big black hole not really seeing any point of anything.


As you guys know, that’s really not me and some days I just looked in the mirror and wondered who I was looking at.


Luckily for me my Mum and Wife encouraged me to talk about it as much as possible and my employer couldn’t have been more supportive.


I only experienced a VERY short period of depression, for some people it’s months, years or their whole life.


Please, just talk about it. Tell a friend, tell your Mum, tell social media, tell me! – just tell someone… IT WILL HELP.


I was also super anti counselling and medication but y’know what, I had to suck it up and try it and for me it worked.


I’m not affiliated BTW just love what they’re doing.


Here’s their founder Aiden to explain a little more:


If you’d like to help PLEASE share this blog or these posts with your friends, you never know who might be listening and use #MyBigD:


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