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Money Saving tip saved 1000 pounds

How This Money Saving Tip Saved Someone over £1000!

This money saving tip saved someone over £1000! Hopefully you’ve seen some of my tweets and Instagram posts telling you about this, but I really thought I should tell you a little bit more…


I’m so excited because I have saved someone over a thousand pounds from just one tip.

Now, a couple of things before I get into this…


Firstly, that person is my hairdresser and they definitely need a mention!


Also, I may be very good with money but I’m not fantastic with maths. If I have calculated this wrong somebody please comment, tweet or email and let me know I’ve got it wrong, and, tell me what the right maths are! I’ve done my best and I have checked it, double checked it and triple checked it, and I think I’ve got this right.

So, let’s get to it…


I posted on Instagram suggesting that you ask your GP if there is an over-the-counter alternative to the medicine that they prescribed you (because over-the-counter is always cheaper). That started a little conversation on Instagram where someone mentioned they get regular medication. I asked them if they had heard of the ‘NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate’. As a result, this person went and found out that they were eligible, and has made a huge saving.


So, I’m going to try to break the numbers down a little for you.


Before, they were paying around £25 a week for regular medication. I work out to be £100 a month.


£25 x 4 = £100

£100 x 12 = £1,200 per year

Now that is a fortune!


With the NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate, they are now paying £29.10 every THREE months.


Over a year that works out to be £116.40, which is a lot cheaper than £1,200!


So, the total saving is…


£1200 – £116.40 = £1083.60


That is huge!


Now, I fully accept that I may have got my maths wrong. But, even if I have it doesn’t matter because it’s still a huge saving. A win in my books.

Oops! The maths was wrong…


Here’s the correct calculation:

£ 25 x 52 = £1300 a year

£1300 – £116.40 = £1183.60 saving – even better!


Do you have any money saving tips or tricks? Share it with me in the comments below!


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