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5 weird things you can get cashback on topcashback

5 Weird Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Cashback On

Ahh cashback, that most wonderful thing that allows you to get free money for nothing other than a few clicks of an app – you gotta love it!


I’ll be honest though, it took me a while to get started with cashback apps (I mostly use TopCashback and my Santander App) and I’m still guilty of forgetting every once in a while. In fact, when I was on the Be Clever With your Cash Podcast the other week, one of the quickfire questions was about just this.


Anyway, one of the reasons I think I forget to use the Apps is that I assume there’s only certain things I can use it for.


Well let me tell you, if you think cashback is only for the odd meal out, this is going to surprise you! I spoke to the team at TopCashback and we’ve put together a rundown of 5 weird things you didn’t know you could get cashback on:


Just a quick note before we get in to this. Cashback deals are always changing so make sure you check your cashback site BEFORE you purchase anything!



Weird thing #5 – Postage Costs


If you’re a keen eBayer, you’ll know that sending parcels isn’t cheap! Last time I checked, if you use Parcelforce online through TopCashback, you’ll get 11.5% cashback! I recommend checking other options on this one though, resellers like Cora Harrison and EmmaDrew use various postage options to make sure they’re getting the best deals.


Want to know more about reselling on eBay? Give this a watch!


Weird thing #4 – Selling Your Car


In at number 4 on the weird things list – selling your car. That’s right. webuyanycar.com (don’t worry, I sung it too) are offering £52.50 back for every car sold. I don’t know about you but that’s at least a week’s worth of petrol for me!


Weird thing #3 – Gym Memberships


Pay as you go gyms are becoming more and more popular and now you can save money on gym memberships without haggling for a price. TopCashback is offering 15.75% cashback plus an additional 20% off monthly passes with PayasUgym.com


Weird thing #2 – Dating Sites


Before you ask, NO I wasn’t looking for this myself!


Online dating is super popular now and you can get up to £47.25 cashback on Match.com or £63.00 with eHarmony. According to recent stats, Match.com has 23,575,000 member and eHarmony has around 16,500,000 – that’s a staggering £2,153,418,750.00 that could have been earned in cashback!


Weird thing #1 – Your Will


Here we are then, topping the cashback weirdness charts – you can get cashback on your will! TopCashback is offering 26.25% cashback with internetwill.co.uk.




There we have it, 5 really weird things that you could be getting cashback on – and that’s on top of all the regular everyday stuff like restaurants, insurance, utilities and much much more!


All you need to do it go sign up to TopCashback, get the app (there’s a desktop version too but I find using the app easier) and start saving!


What weird stuff have you got deals on? Let the world know in the comments!

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